Project SEED Alumni

Dear Project SEED alumni – past participants,

We are very proud of the accomplishments of all our summer interns.  So often we are asked, ’’Did the Project SEED internship make a long term difference?’’  To better answer this question, we want to survey all former participants of the Indianapolis Project SEED summer research internship program since it was started in 1973.  We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey at:

After completing the survey, we would also love for you to update your current contact information at this link:

(Click here to fill out Alumni Information)  

If you are in town, we would love to have you come and speak to our summer interns or attend our banquet, poster session and other special events.  If you keep touch with others who also participated in SEED, we sincerely appreciate you letting them know about our Survey.

Thank you for your time in completing the survey and contact information.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Project SEED Survey Team.

Aishat Carolyn Audu (317) 313-4749 Shari Harrison
SEED ’14 and ’15 Alumni, College Intern SEED Student Coordinator
Brent Rogers (317) 796-7783 Elmer Sanders (317) 514-3212
SEED '09 and '10 Alumni, Webmaster Chemistry Teacher, Southport High School SEED Program Coordinator
Dr. Rosie Bonjouklian (317) 873-5963 Dr. James McAteer (317) 274-7935
Medicinal Chemist (retired), Eli Lilly & Co. Professor of Anatomy, IU School of Medicine
SEED Committee / Treasurer SEED Preceptor Coordinator